Kirwani Orchestra – United World Canada Tour Summer 2018

After showcasing the potential of fusion between jazz, classical, and world music to the audiences across Europe, Kirwani Orchestra would now like to bring their talents to Canada and share their diverse music with the audiences here in Toronto.

The orchestra will be performing in multiple venues in the downtown core area in Toronto in the summer of 2018.  Tickets to the music concerts can be obtained from

For all questions related to the Orchestra’s Canadian tour, please contact Muntasir Kamal (e-mail:

New lineup for 2018!

Kirwani Orchestra is gearing up for upcoming tours in Spain and Canada with a new lineup with a mix of new and returning members. This is a revision and expansion of the band’s soundscape adding a more ethnic touch to the exiting sound from the previous records and concerts.


sitar, tabla, guitars, keyboard and percussion

Born into a family of writers, artists and musicians in Bangladesh, Sazed Ul Alam, the youngest of fifteen siblings mastered the harmonium at a very early stage. When the liberation war of 1971,  in which the young teen participated as a freedom fighter ended, Sazed went on to form the first successful Rock and Pop band “Souls” in the port city of Chittagong. With him in the lead guitar, Souls soon became the most notable band in Bangladesh for breaking new grounds in Bangla Pop music. But the quest for a bigger horizon drove Sazed to venture out of the country. In 1980, he went to Denmark to further his skills in guitar and familiarize himself more intently with Western musical tradition. After proving his skills on guitar and performing other instruments during his stay in Denmark and Sweden, at one point he decided to look back at his own tradition and picked up the sitar. He studied Indian Classical music under the tutelage of maestros Achariya Sri Pandit Bimlendu Mukherjee, Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee, Ustad Jamal Uddin Bhartiya, Roshan Jamal, Ashit Banerjee, Raj Bhan Singh and Badri Maharaj.

Equipped with the knowledge of both Western and Eastern traditions, Sazed is now more attuned to collaborating and experimenting with different genres. With his sitar in fusion music sessions Sazed has collaborated with artistes such as the great Spanish guitarist Raimundo Amador,  American  vibraphonist Dave Samuels, Nacho Cano, Giovanni Hidalgo, William Cepeda, Amores, Omar Sosa and many others. He travelled extensively and performed for noted figures such as the King of Sweden and the boxing legend Muhammad Ali.


drums, percussion

Henrik Eriksson Linder is a musician working and teaching in Malmö, Sweden. Henrik has a wide repertoire of musical experience. With a background as a rock drummer in his teens, he was educated in classical percussion and shifted towards funk, jazz and latin styles. He has played with such Swedish greats as Janne Schaffer (ABBA) and Nils Landgren and worked as a session drummer besides teaching drums, theory, improvisation at the Rytmus High School of Music in Malmö, Sweden. He is featured on a number of Kirwani Orchestra albums and recordings. Henrik can be reached at:



Joel Selsfors is a jazz pianist from Sweden. He currently plays in many projects in many different styles and genres.  He has also appeared on lots of records from pop to metal. Learning to play the piano at the age of six, he has covered tunes of Genesis, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa and so on. At the age of sixteen Joel started to compose music, arranging for wind and horn instruments. At 17, he went on his first tour with a progressive rock band from Uppsala and that spread. Says the acclaimed Swedish rock artist and vocalist of the band Witherscape, “[Joel] ended up with a solo far beyond anything I would have done on that spot. You can hear Joel’s kick-ass lead in “Dying for the Sun” at 05:19-05:37.” He composed and arranged all the songs and plays keyboard for the Balkan band “Balkan BagPack” of which he is the band leader and that has played supporting acts to artists like Markus Krunegård, Truck Fighters and more. He has studied jazz piano for 8 years and is currently studying at Malmö Music Academy. Currently. he is working on an album as a keyboard artist with the Kirwani Orchestra. He can be reached at



Hannes N. Bennich is a Saxophonist from Norrköping, Sweden. He began playing the saxophone at the age of nine. Since then his passion for the alto saxophone and for improvised music has grown stronger and stronger every day. Hannes is currently studying jazz at the Malmö Music Academy and before that he studied jazz at Skurups Folkhögskola where a lot of Sweden’s best jazz musicians have studied. Hannes’s playing is a mix between traditional jazz and more modern improvised music which has given him the opportunity to join several different bands through the years. Hannes can be reached at



Mattias Wiborn is a Swedish bass player. Currently, he is working and playing in many different contexts, mostly in the gospel/soul/funk-genre, whilst studying at the Malmö Academy of Music. He is also writing and producing music in his home studio. Being an autodidact, Mattias started playing drums, guitar, piano and bass little by little throughout elementary school. Since the age of 17, the electric bass, is the main instrument of his.
The years after high school he started studying gospel full time, starting a gospel choir with which he toured and gigged throughout an entire year. During this time, Mattias also got to play with different Swedish gospel icons such as Samuel Ljungblahd, Jonas Engström and Tre Barytoner, to mention a few.

During the recent years, Mattias has done several appearances in television, a few times in Swedish television but in American television as well. His role in the interesting Kirwani Orchestra project is to convey his strengths within the gospel and funk genres into this interesting fusion between jazz and world music. Mattias can be reached at:



The diverse performances with different musical instruments by Kirwani Orchestra and Bangladeshi musician Sazed Ul Alam mesmerised music aficionados of the port city on Thursday evening.

Kirwani Orchestra, a well-known Jazz band from Sweden, presented their performances at the fusion classical music evening at Aniruddha Mukto Mancha of District Shilpakala Academy, where music enthusiasts of the port city experienced an exceptional range of music, ranging from western Jazz to contemporary eastern classical music. Chittagong Musical Band Association supported the programme.

The entire Shilpakala Academy premises were teeming with young music enthusiasts. Sazed Ul Alam, the founder of the Souls – one of the country’s most popular bands — who is currently living in Spain, performed at the programme as part of the Kirwani Orchestra.

At the programme, Sazed played the sitar, keyboard, guitar and ektara, while Anatholi Bulkin from Sweden played lead guitar. Swedish artistes Martin Norberg played saxophone while Per Henry Levi Knagg was on bass guitar. Surojato Roy from India was on tabla and Andreas Baw from Sweden played drums with the team.

The programme started with a folk tune, blended with a Jazz melody.

Later, the group successively performed different sub-continental and western fusion compositions.  The composition “Ancient Cry” was worth mentioning at the programme. Especially Anatholi Bulkin’s guitar and Martin Norberg’s saxophone were magnificent during the presentation. Later, with Sazed’s sitar — the team performed a Hindustani raga that touched the heart of audiences.

Later, Tapan Chowdhury performed a Bangla song with the group and Souls members. 

The audience returned home entertained to a few Jazz items of their request and Spanish pieces by the band.