The background story

“This fantastic musical collaboration actually began a long time ago. One day years and years back I went to a shop/café called the Basement in Malmo, Sweden. I had been told that they had a collection of very nice albums especially from the record label ECM and also second hand albums. When I entered the place there was an exotic looking guy sitting on top of a table with a very strange looking instrument and the sound was extremely intriguing and almost haunting, like a sound deep from my soul that I missed but didn´t know I was missing.”

“This person was Sazed Ul Alam, I went up to him and introduced myself. We hit off right away. We started talking about music and life and other really important things. We talked and talked for hours and hours, time flew.”

Creating music

“The very same thing happened the first occasion we met and played music together. Everything just seemed to click right away, like we´ve known each other for ages and done nothing but creating music together. ”

“Six years back Sazed moved with his family to Spain, I missed him alot, the talk and especially off-course our musical encounters, but life goes on. 2 years back Sazed came to visit me here in Sweden and after some talk (read hours of really deep very interesting talk) we started playing again and mysteriously it was exactly like we´d never been apart from each other. We decided to meet more often and to start a new group with well chosen fantastic musicians and new musical brave ideas. ”

Kirwani Orchestra was born.